A Matchmaking Service, not another Dating App!

No πŸ’¬ chat
No πŸ‘» ghosting
No πŸ€– bots
No πŸ† d*ck pics
Skip to the first date today.Β 100% Free. Install now!
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Traditional dating app problems

4 Days

Time it takes to get a date

33% Ghosted

Poor user experience

46% Feel Unsafe

Dating apps have failed at keeping their users safe

5% Success Rate

The number of first dates that lead to a second date

Scammers & Bots

64,000 people in 2023 reported falling victim to a romance scam

A.I. Catfishing

Al makes it so you don't know if you are messaging with an A.I. bot or a person
Skip's solution - ‍
1. Eliminate chat
2. Automate the screening, scheduling, & communications
Dating Apps
Matchmaker App
46% of people view online dating as unsafeSkip consistently knows the who, where, when, and outcome of your date to help keep all our users safe and has date reviews
33% of dating app users get ghostedNo chat results in no ghosting
Time it takes to get a date (4 Days)Skip directly to the date within ~30 minutes
5% of first dates lead to a second date~65% of first dates lead to a second date
AI’s recent advancements make it so you don't know if you are talking to an AI bot or a personNo chat results in no AI catfishing
64,000 individuals in 2023 reported falling victim to a romance scam.No chat results in no scammers or bots
Dating Apps
In-person Services
Matchmaker App
Size of dating poolβœ”βœ”
Time efficiencyβœ”βœ”
Quality (1st date success rate)βœ”βœ”
No Al chat catfishingβœ”βœ”
Low sign-up frictionβœ”βœ”
Cost$0 - $499$5k - $10kFREE
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Skip comes with everything you need to plan a quality date.

Step 1. Set Custom Deal breakers

Set custom deal breakers to know your match is compatible before the Ist date. The anxiety of not knowing if you and your match are on the same page is over.

Step 2. Find someone you like

Once you've built your profile, you'll swipe up to pass on potential matches, and click the heart icon to like them. Swipe left to see their full profile and availability.

Step 3. Pass the dealbreakers

Once you have a match, they will be able to answer your deal breaker questions you have set to see if you are compatible. Only matches that 100% pass your deal breakers will be able to propose a date with you.

Step 4. Time & Location

Now it is time to plan the date. Align on a date location and time using each other's availability and date location preference.

Step 5. Go on a Date

Now the fun part-the date! You and your date are required to confirm you are both still able to meet at least 2 hours before the date. Share your ETA when you are on your way. Don't worry, you are able to call each other through the app if you can't find each other when you arrive.

Step 6. Anonymous Reviews

After the date, you'll be able to anonymously review each other. Anonymous date reviews will not be displayed publicly, we use them to help keep our community safe by removing bad actors from our platform and to get you better dates in the future.

Available in US & Canada

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First date success rate
Deal breakers set