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"Skip dating cards"
I love the idea of the skip dating cards! It actually gave me to courage to go up to a stranger and ask him on a date. I didn't need to give him my phone number or social media to plan the date, which made me feel safer about approaching him. Now we are in a relationship and very happy all thanks to skip!
Anna S.
Verified Skip User
"It's more of a Matchmaker Service than like a dating app"
this was such a good experience and so much better than what I'm used to with Hinge and Bumble and even with men I meet in real life.
Alexi C.
Verified Skip User

Written testimonials

"YES we are going on a second date!"
Skip date happened today and it was a total success! Had a super fun date where the conversation flowed easily and so did the laughter. I do believe I even felt a mutual spark! The Skip app offered just enough information so that questions were natural. YES we are going on a second date!
Charmaine B.
Verified Skip User
"Had a first date with someone from Skip app"
Had a first date with someone from Skip app. I'm happy to report he seemed nice and normal. He asked for a second date and we exchanged numbers. This could be promising. I asked how he heard about the app and he said a Facebook singles group. So it is getting out there.
Denise G.
Verified Skip User

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