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Where can I see a short video walk through of how Skip works?

How do I pass / reject a profile?

To pass / reject  a profile you swipe up on a profile on the swipe home page. Video Demo

Am I able to rewind on a profile I accidentally swiped up / passed on?

You are able to rewind on a profile you accidentally passed on by quickly swiping back down after making the mistake. If you wait too long or close the app you won’t be able to rewind. The good news is you may see that profile again at some point if they become relevant again in your ranking. So don't worry if you accidentally passed on some profiles recently. Video Demo

How do I like a profile?

To like a profile you hit the Skip heart logo on either the swipe home page or on the detail profile page. Either person is able to make the first like. Video Demo

Is there a way to unlike a profile?

No, there is no way to unlike a profile once you like them. The good news is even if you accidentally like a profile and get a date proposal you do not have to accept the date proposal.

Do Skip Date Cards work in unopen locations within the US and Canada?

Yes, Skip Date Cards work everywhere, even in unopened cities.  

Are Skip Date Cards Free?

Yes, your 1st set of Skip Date Cards 100% free with shipping included.

How do I review details of a person's profile?

You can tap or swipe left on the main swipe page to go into more details of a person's profile. Video Demo

How do I block or report a profile?

Tap into the profile details and scroll all the way down and see the red buttons to report or block a profile. Video Demo

What happens when I block a profile?

When you block a profile you will no longer see them come up in your potential profile options on your swipe page.

Once I get a date proposal am I able to decline the proposal?

Yes, you are able to decline any date proposal. Skip does not force you to go on any dates. 

Once I confirm a date am I able to cancel the date if a conflict comes up?

Yes, you can cancel a date. However, if you cancel a date after confirming 2 hours before the date then you may run into penalties if it happens too many times in a short period. This is to help reduce the no shows. 

I made a mistake on my name or birthday. How do I change it?

Reach out to Skip support at for help updating your age or name

How do I update my availability? 

Tap into the profile icon, then tap update my profile or edit profile, then tap availability. Video Demo

Can people see my deal breakers on my profile?

No, the only users who can see your deal breakers are people you have liked and matched with.

What does it mean when I get a push notification that people are liking my profile?

This means that you are popular and other users are liking your profile. When you go into the Skip app you won’t be able to see who has liked you but you are able to start swiping on profiles and you may discover who has liked you if you like them back. In the future we are looking at adding the ability to show you exactly who already liked you. 

Why am I seeing people who smoke when I set one of my deal breakers to be no smokers?

The people you see on your swipe home page are pre deal breakers. If you both “heart” each other, then your match will be prompted to answer your set of deal breaker questions and then if they pass 100% of them they are able to send you a date proposal. 

How do I modify my age range preferences?

Go to your profile and then tap on settings. Scroll to the bottom where it says “Age preference” and adjust the range to your liking. Video Demo

Does Skip publicly display my phone number from my account to my date?

No, you are in full control of deciding what and if any information is shared with your date after the date has occurred. Phone numbers are not publicly displayed. 

My screen says “Skip is still growing in your area” and has a loading bar with a percentage. What does this mean?

This means we are still working on getting enough users in your area. The percentage is how far along we are until we’ll have enough users to open up your area up for swiping. Spreading the word will help us make this happen sooner

As a woman interested in a man, what happens after she likes a profile?

After a woman likes a man’s profile, her profile will most likely be presented to the man. He does not know whether or not she has liked him at this point. If he likes her back, then the man receives a match notification and is presented with her deal breaker questions. If he passes at 100% then he is able to propose a date with her. If she accepts then she has a date booked.

Are men interested in women able to set their own deal breakers? 

Today, men who are interested in women are not able to set their own deal breakers. In the future we are planning on allowing that as an optional for men. The reason why we dont today is because the data indicated that most men didn't have a strong preference in setting deal breakers and instead were comfortable knowing they were aligned with the women’s deal breakers and liking their profile. This helped save time and reduce friction for setting up a date.

Am I able to change my location and swipe on profiles in a different location than where I am physically?  

No, today we use your physical phone location to determine which potential match profiles to display to you within your dating distance range settings. In the future we are looking at adding the ability for you to set a different location, where you could swipe on people while you are physically not there. This will be helpful for people who travel alot but still want to swipe on profiles in another home location. 

How do I add / edit / remove my deal breakers?

Click on profile, then tap settings, then click deal breakers. See video below. Video Demo

How does Skip work for LQBTQ+?

You get the choice to decide if you are interested in screening others or would like to be screened. So for example if a man was interested in a man. Man 1 selects if he wants to screen others then he would be provided the option to set up deal breakers. If Man 2 had selected he was cool with being screened by others then he would not set up deal breakers. Man 1 and Man 2 would pre presented to each other as profiles to review and potentially like or pass on each for a date.

How does Skip location settings work?

So there are two different locations used with Skip. You have your dating range swiping distance which is how far away are you wanting to swipe on people for example maybe that is 50 miles which is that slider in the setting pages that goes up to 100 miles if you wanted.

Then we have a second location area to indicate where you would like your future match to pick a date location somewhere within that blue bubble area which you can move anywhere on the map. So for example, you could be swiping on people that are 50 miles away but you only want your match to propose a date within a 20 mile radius of your downtown area so you dont have to drive to far. FYI your actual location will not show up to your match.

How do I change my preferred date location for someone to suggest a date location within a specific area? 

Tap profile, then tap edit profile, then tap location and adjust the toggle distance and move the blue circle area to any area you would be interested in your future date proposing a date location within. Demo Video

How do I filter my potential profiles' ages?

Click on profile, then tap settings, then move the age toggle to the desired age. 

How do I hide my profile on skip?

Click on profile, then tap settings, then move the toggle to off on “Show me on Skip”

Can you drag and drop your profile photos?

Yes, you can just go to edit profile and then hold on the photo you want to reorder and then drag and drop. Video Demo

Can you reorder the deal breaker questions?

Today, you have to delete and add to reorder. We plan on making an update where you can drag and drop the deal breaker questions in the future. 

Can you reorder my prompt questions?

Today, you have to delete and add to reorder. We plan on making an update where you can drag and drop the prompt questions in the future. 

How do I change my preferred date location for someone to suggest a date location within a specific area? 

Tap profile, then tap edit profile, then tap location and adjust the toggle distance and move the blue circle area to any area you would be interested in your future date proposing a date location within. Demo Video

How do I add, edit or delete profile prompt?

Click the profile tab, then tap either update profile blue button or edit profile button. Scroll down to prompt sections. Video Demo

How many photos are required on skip?

5 photos or more are required. 4 main photos + 1 mini circle profile photo. 

I am having issues with seeing everything on the skip pages?

Please try to turn off the large font within your settings. (the team is working on getting a fix for large font sizes) Please try using a mobile device vs a tablet

Are you guys going to be having the option for a video date instead of a physical in-person date?

Yes, we are planning on releasing a video date option for users who want their first date to be a video call.

How do you stop people from lying on the deal breakers?

Yes, unfortunately people do lie. The good news is with Skip you haven't spent a week chatting and then go on the date and find out they lied. As people also can lie through chat. They don't always know what the right answers to your deal breakers are to lie about. In the future we plan on introducing advanced filtering options to validate the deal breakers are true.

How does Skip cost today?

Skip is 100% free with no in-app purchases today. 

Where is Skip available today?

Currently we are available in the US and Canada! 

How do I report a bug or provide feedback?

Please email us details at Please provide your Device type, OS version, and phone # used to create your account so we can provide these details to our development team to fixed the problem.

How is a no chat dating app safer?

Why are the current dating apps unsafe? I think it comes down to these 3 reasons.  

Dating apps don't consistently know what's happening on their platforms. It has become standard for people to share their phone # before meeting up. Resulting in the dating apps not knowing:
- If you went on a date
- Where the date wasWho the date was with
- How the date went
- If there were any safety issues

Dangerous people can perform a quick google search of your phone # and discover more personal information such as your home address; opening you up for stalking or harassment.

With recent AI advancements like chat GPT, it can be hard to know if you’re talking to an AI bot creeper or a real person. Making chat a pretty ineffective way to filter.

The good news is Skip solves all of the above problems listed. 

With Skip there is no chat so there is zero pressure to share out your personal phone number before the date. This also means Skip consistently knows the who, where, when, and outcome of your date to help keep all our users safe and accountable. In addition, anonymous date reviews allow us to ban unsafe people. 

You get to wait until after you’ve met your date and can make a better judgment call before you decide if you want to share your phone #. Reducing stalking and harassment from those you don’t want to go on another date with.

With no chat you don’t have to worry about being AI catfished anymore. Skip also has custom deal breakers you can set to ensure your match is compatible with your values before the 1st date and weed out the weirdos.

How do date reviews work?

After the date, you'll be able to anonymously review each other. Anonymous date reviews will not be displayed publicly, we use them to help keep our community safe by removing bad actors from our platform and to get you better dates in the future.We can do this because we are consistently knowing the who, where, when, and outcome to help keep all our users safe and accountable.  

How can users vet potential dates without having chat?

With Skip users are able to write in custom deal breaker questions that are important to them that their match must pass at 100% before they are able to propose a date with them. This way you know before even meeting that you’re on the same page about the important things.We have also designed detailed profile options to help users show their personality.

What's on the long-term roadmap? What other features are in the works? 

Our focus is to continue building out our safety features and screening capabilities to help ensure our users have the best possible dates. 

Still cant find what you're looking for? Contact us.
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