46% of people view online dating as unsafe!

The Problem

1. Dating apps don't consistently know what's happening on their platforms. It has become standard for people to share their phone # before meeting up. Resulting in the dating apps not knowing:
- If you went on a date
- Where the date was
- Who the date was with
- How the date went
- If there were any safety issues

2. Dangerous people can perform a quick google search of your phone # and discover more personal information such as your home address; opening you up for stalking or harassment

3. With recent AI advancements like chat GPT, it can be hard to know if you’re talking to an AI bot creeper or a real person. Making chat a pretty ineffective way to filter.
Dating Apps
Matchmaker App
1. Dating apps  dont consistently know what's happening on their platforms.With Skip there is no chat so there is zero pressure to share out your personal phone number before the date. This also means Skip consistently knows the who, where, when, and outcome of your date to help keep all our users safe and accountable. In addition, anonymous date reviews allow us to ban unsafe people.
2. Sharing your phone number online can lead to stalking or harassmentYou get to wait until after you’ve met your date and can make a better judgment call before you decide if you want to share your phone #. Reducing stalking and harassment from those you don’t want to go on another date with.
3. AI makes it hard to know if you’re talking to an AI bot or a real person. This makes chat a pretty ineffective way to filter out creeps.With Skip’s elimination of chat you don’t have to worry about being AI catfished anymore. Skip also has custom deal breakers you can set to ensure your match is compatible with your values before the 1st date and weed out the weirdos.
Skip helps solve this problem