Swipe-Right in person with Skip Date Cards!

Rejection sucksβ€”it's difficult to ask someone out in person.
Compatibility 🀨
You don't know if they are compatible with you.
Rejection πŸ‘Ž
Asking for someone's phone number can be intimidating and awkward.
Safety ⚠️
There are safety risks with sharing your number.
No πŸ‘» ghosting No πŸ€– bots No πŸ† d*ck pics No πŸ’¬ chat

Skip's Date Cards solve these problems


Skip Date cards lead people to your Skip profile where they must 100% pass your dealbreaker questions to book a date with you.


You can keep your phone number and socials private and still land a date. So long, creepy stalkers!


You can quickly leave the card for someone without having to think of how to approach them or worrying about a response if they aren't interested.

How does it work?

1. Tap on "Order FREE Skip Date Cards" button.
2. Provide shipping and Date Card details.
3. Place your FREE order for a set of Skip Date Cards.
4. Hand the Date Card to someone you are interested in going on a date with.
5. If they 100% pass your deal breakers then they can propose a date with you.
Get your FREE Skip Date Cards to help you find your next date in person!
βœ… 1st set of Skip Date Cards 100% free with shipping included.
βœ… No credit card required.Β 
βœ… Date Cards work everywhere, even in unopened cities.
βœ… $19 value

What do they say about Skip?

"Skip dating cards"
I love the idea of the skip dating cards! It actually gave me to courage to go up to a stranger and ask him on a date. I didn't need to give him my phone number or social media to plan the date, which made me feel safer about approaching him. Now we are in a relationship and very happy all thanks to skip!
Anna S.
Verified Skip User
"It's more of a Matchmaker Service than like a dating app"
this was such a good experience and so much better than what I'm used to with Hinge and Bumble and even with men I meet in real life.
Alexi C.
Verified Skip User

Skip re-invents 19th century courtship cards!

In the late 19th century, courtship cards became a popular way for young people to bypass the rigid social norms of Victorian courtship.
They typically featured playful messages, such as invitations to escort a lady home, thus serving as early icebreakers. The use of these cards offered a lighthearted means to initiate contact and flirt without overt breaches of etiquette.