Swipe Right In Person with Skip Date Cards!

The Problem: It's difficult to ask someone out in person.

1. You don't know if they are compatible with you.

2. Safety risks with sharing your number.

3. Rejection sucks & asking for someone's phone number can be intimidating and awkward.

Skip Date Cards help solve these problems:

1. Compatibility
Skip Date cards lead people to your Skip profile where they must 100% pass your dealbreaker questions to book a date with you.

2. Safety:
You can keep your phone number and socials private and still land a date. So long, creepy stalkers!

3. Rejection:
You can quickly leave the card for someone without having to think of how to approach them or worrying about a response if they aren't interested.

How it works?

1. Tap on "Order FREE Skip Date Cards" button.

2. Provide shipping and Date Card details.

3. Place your FREE order for a set of Skip Date Cards.

4. Hand the Date Card to someone you are interested in going on a date with.

5. If they 100% pass your deal breakers then they can propose a date with you.
Get your FREE Skip Date Cards to help you find your next date in person!

✅ 1st set of Skip Date Cards 100% free with shipping included.

✅ No credit card required.

✅ $19 value

✅ Date Cards work everywhere, even in unopened cities.  

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